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Guardian Program

At North Austin Labradoodles, we believe every dog deserves to have forever home as member of a loving family! Our guardian program ensures all our breeding dogs a happy life in a permanent home with people who love them.  Being a guardian family for one or more of our breeder dogs can be an affordable way to have a top-quality dog as a family pet. Guardian families allow us to be an exceptional breeder of Australian Labradoodles without using kennels.  We are thankful and appreciative for the role these families play!

​How it Works

We place "pick of the litter" puppies in their forever homes with select, local families (preferably within 60 miles of Round Rock, TX) and we retain breeding rights for the first few years.  Breeding dogs are carefully chosen for their temperament, coat and confirmation.


We pay for all breeding-related expenses including health testing. The guardian family is responsible for all routine costs of owning a dog (such as vaccinations, heart-worm, preventative care and grooming). When the guardian dog's breeding career is over, three or four litters for females or age six, whichever comes first, and around seven years of age for males, the dog will be de-sexed (spayed/neutered) at the North Austin Labradoodle's expense, the Guardian Contract is terminated, and the registration and ownership are signed over to the guardian family. 

Labradoodle Guardian
Labradoodle Parti

Requirements for Guardian Families

  • Only use Pawtree or Life's Abundance All Stages dog food.  We will provide direction on which food at time of go home. Both products are only sold on-line, and we provide ordering instructions to the guardian family. 

  • Have a fully fenced yard.

  • Previous dog ownership is preferred, but we will work with families new to dog ownership.

  • Dogs must be trained or take to an obedience classes.

  • Puppies need to be well socialized with people and other animals.

  • Veterinary care must be provided when needed, and we must be kept informed of any medications your veterinarian has recommended.

  • Do not leave your dog alone for extended periods of time and never leave outside unattended.

  • We need to be notified as soon as a female begins her heat cycle.

  • Females are not to be around intact males during her cycle.

  • Male dogs are not to breed with other females.

  • We will interview prospective Guardians.

  • Guardians must live within the Austin area and be willing to drive to our location in Round Rock for breeding purposes.

  • Dogs will need to be taken to a specified veterinarian for health and breeding test.

  • We do ask that guardian families send pictures and updates regularly!

How to become a Guardian Family

If you are interested in becoming a guardian family, complete and submit the Guardian Application form at the bottom of the page. If you have further questions regarding our program, please call (512.600.0067) our email us ( If you send an email and do not see a response within 48 hours, please check your spam. I look forward to speaking with you about our program! 

Thank you, 

Jessica Ward, Breeder

North Austin Labradoodles

Labradoodle Guardian Program

Guardian Application

Guardian Application
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