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North Austin Tootie

Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle

Small Medium/Large Mini Australian Labradoodle 


Sire:      Ladd Hill Schmebulock


Dam:    North Austin Ellis

Freshly Groomed

"I would so keep her...if I could"

   - the groomer

Handling all the surfaces!

Visit to the box store and weird stairs to climb! 

Tootie from our Facts of Life litter and she is the sweetest girl! She was born October 16, 2022, and is fully trained. She has spent the last six months fully immersed in training and is ready to take on the world! She is emotionally intuitive and would do well starting her training as a service dog or as a well trained companion.


Tootie has full command of all standard training. If chosen for service work, task specific training would be needed. Depending on her job, her training would likely take 8-10 one on one sessions. She should not go into board and train, as it is time for her bond with her owner.

She also would do wonderfully as a companion pet. All the hard work of a puppy is done and she is ready to cuddle. Tootie is $9,000.

Trained Labradoodle
Labradoodle Service Dog
Australian Labradoodle
Texas Service Dog

Relaxing Dinner

Texas trained labradoodle

Festivals Are Fun! 

Texas older labradodoodle

New place? No Problem! 

Austin Service Dog
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