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North Austin Sam, "Max"
Foundation Australian Labradoodle

Medium Australian Labradoodle

Sire:      Tango Wool You're the Top, "Topper"

Dam:    Austin Maggie May


Max is the son of our sweet Maggie, and Max inherited so much from her! He is a huge snuggle bug and loves his people beyond all else. When his not snuggling up, he loves to play with his boy. 

He has a soft, wavy fleece coat that is a beautiful red. 

Max was from Maggie's final litter and we are so glad we have him to carry on her legacy of love. 


Hips OFA                        Fair

Elbows                            Normal


CERF                               Normal


PrcdPRA                         Clear


Cardiac                           Normal


Patella's                          Normal


vWD                                Clear


EIC                                   Clear


IC                                     Clear


Parti                                 No


Color                               bbee

Coat                                Fleece

Color                               Red, carries phantom                               

Registration                   WALA00060240

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