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Max the Labradoodle



North Austin Sam

Medium Australian Labradoodle


Wavy Fleece​



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Cappo the Multigen labradoodle




DoodleAround Phantom of Skull Cave

Medium Australian Labradoodle

Chocolate Phantom​

Wavy Fleece​



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Ladd Hill Shmebulock

Mini Australian Labradoodle

Caramel Cream

Wavy Fleece

​WALA - 00018136

ALAA - 081923

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Brady Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle
Oakley the labradoodle



North Austin Dylan Thomas, "Oakley"

Medium Australian Labradoodle

Chocolate Parti

​Wavy Fleece


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We also use sires from other well respected breeders. We ensure all outside sires have gone through the same rigorous health testing our dogs have. This enables us to have great genetic diversity while maintaining the high health standards we have.


As litters are produced, we will provide pictures and information regarding the sire of each litter. For questions regarding our potential boys, please contact

Labradoodle Puppies Austin
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