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Puppies of Jane Austen

Polly and Tuck

Polly and Tuck

Polly gave birth to ten puppies on August 16th. She had four boys, six girls. Each and every pup was adorable and went to a wonderful home! Please see our Upcoming Litters for information if you are interested in a reserving a puppy from a future litter. 

Friar Tuck

Seven Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old
Caramel labradoodle Austin
Six Weeks Old
chocolate labradoodle Austin
Five Weeks Old
Caramel labradoodle Texas
Four Weeks Old
chocolate labradoodle texas
Three Weeks Old
caramel labradoodle San Antonio
Two Weeks Old
chocolate labradoodle San Antonio
One Week Old
labradoodle puppy San Antonio
Cammie and Duke
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