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Our Story as Australian Labradoodle Breeders
Dallas Australian Labradoodle Puppies
Dallas Labradoodle Puppies



Labradoodles in Austin

Dallas Australian Labradoodle Breeder



A number of years ago, I decided that I wanted my son to have the joy of growing up with a dog. The challenge was finding one that my mom, an almost daily visitor to my home, would not be allergic to and that would fit with my family. That’s when the research began and I discovered Labradoodles. While researching, I found that when needing a low allergy/low shedding dog, not just any labradoodle would do! We needed a multigenerational Labradoodle!


My efforts to find a dog that would work for all of us, led me to Austin Labradoodles. Through them, I became a Guardian Owner of our own Maggie. Shortly thereafter, I decided we needed a second dog. That’s when we welcomed Rosie to our family. As a Guardian of both Maggie and Rosie, I read extensively on what was happening with them during breeding, furthered my knowledge of the breed as a whole, and generally worked to know as much about my dogs as I possibly could.


After about a year, I began to think about possibly becoming a breeder myself. The idea became more and more exciting to me over time. So, when the opportunity came up to work with and be mentored by Austin Labradoodles, I was thrilled! That's when my educational journey began. I spent hours and hours over months and months talking with my mentor breeder, other breeders, attending educational webinars and doing a lot of good old book learning!

Now here we are today and I am a breeder operating in the same manner as my mentors and raising

Multigenerational Labradoodles for folks in Austin, Central Texas, the State of Texas and beyond! I also am a serving member of the Worldwide Australian Labradoodles (WALA) Board of Directors, am a WALA All Star Breeder, and help mentor other breeders. The search for the right dog for my family brought about one of the most significant and wonderful changes I have experienced in my life!  I breed miniature multigenerational Australian Labradoodles as well as mediums. All puppies are loved from the second they are born. All North Austin Labradoodle puppies are lovingly raised and socialized in my home, with all our breeding dogs raised in forever Guardian homes.

I am so grateful to be on this exciting journey with these wonderful dogs, my family, and you!

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